New Zealand Dragon Class Founded By Legends of New Zealand Yachting

A look through the results of any Dragon Championship is like reading a who’s who of yachting - and this is equally true of the heritage of the New Zealand Fleet.   Originating in the 1960s, New Zealand sailing legends Bob Stewart, Laurie Davidson, Ron Holland, Don St Clair Brown, Chris and Tony Bouzaid focused on preparing a New Zealand entry for the Olympics.  The New Zealanders successfully raced in several Australian Prince Philip Cup events and in 1972, Barco del Oro (sailed by Ron Watson, Fraser Beer and Noel Everett) achieved 5th place in what was to be the final Dragon Olympic event.  The Soling Class displaced the Dragons in the 1972 Olympics.

The late Allen Smith revived the New Zealand Dragon Class in the 1990s, restoring many of the original Dragons, earning an official license to build Dragons here and developing and constructing his own fibreglass Dragons.

Through Allen’s efforts, fourteen Dragons are now spread throughout New Zealand from as far north as Whangarei and south to Queenstown.