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80 Years International Dragon Association - 1929-2009

Welcome to The New Zealand International Dragon Association

“It’s difficult not to be mesmerized by the Dragon’s sleek, graceful lines,
Their generous overhangs and their powerful rig.
The Dragon is a pure racing thoroughbred:
The Sailing Man’s Bugatti,
And it is their good looks, coupled with their supreme performance,

Which has sustained their popularity for 80 years.”

With an international reputation for talented sailors and yachting expertise, it unsurprising that the Dragon Class has a strong heritage and passionate following in New Zealand. Aside from the Dragon’s beautiful, classical lines, it is the challenge and competitiveness of one class racing that appeals to many New Zealand Dragon owners. 

As an experienced sailor and yacht designer new to the Class has said ... It is the complexity of making Dragons sail as fast as possible under any conditions that appeals to me.  It is a yacht that requires a constant changing of gears with endless, minute adjustments to milk that last decimal of a knot out of her hull.  And just when you thought you had it worked out, a well seasoned Dragon sailor, will sail by with ease!”


If you would like to experience sailing in a Dragon or meet other Dragon sailors, we’d love to hear from you.